Santosa Consulting

When the team from Santosa Consulting were looking for iconic branding for their cyber security and big data start-up they turned to Taffy Design.

The concepts for the business were rich:

The name Santosa is a derivation of the word Santosha, which is an ethical concept in Hinduism meaning completely, altogether, entirely and contentment, satisfaction, being comfortable. The conscious state we achieve when we overcome fear with courage.

We were also asked to explore the Tesseract icon, which represented “Tapping into our consciousness where we can explore the possibilities (innovate) by thinking in the fourth dimension (and beyond) in a 3D world”.

The Tesseract emblem and the accompanying work-mark became the foundations for a robust yet flexible visual identity that was applied across corporate collateral and a responsive WordPress website.

Project deliverables

  • Logotype
  • Visual identity
  • Business collateral
  • WordPress website
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ClientSantosa Consulting
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