Our process

Our recipe for web design success is tried and true

The first step in creating a website is to research and plan the overall design, layout and content. Identify the target audience, goals, and objectives of the website, and conduct a competitor analysis to understand the market and trends.

After the research and planning, the next step is to create a visual representation of the website, using wireframes and mockups. This will help to establish the layout, structure, and overall aesthetic of the website.

Once the design and wireframing are completed, the website is then built and developed in our favourite CMS, Wordpress. It is important to ensure the website is responsive and optimized for all devices.

Before launching the website, it is crucial to test it for functionality, usability, and compatibility. This includes testing for broken links, load times, and ensuring the website is accessible for all users.

The final step is to maintain and update the website regularly. This includes monitoring analytics, making sure the website is secure, and updating the content and design to keep the website fresh and relevant.

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